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Feelin' the Love!

Sincere thanks to everyone who packed the Broadway Theatre in Saskatoon to celebrate the new release with us! We love you!

Check out the new video featuring the single, "Don't Dream it's Over" (Crowded House Cover) from the CD, From This Moment.

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CD Release News


Buy online: CLICK HERE
or call The Broadway Theatre at 306 652-6556


New Release and Summer Adventures

The new CD, From This Moment, is here! Copies are available at our shows over the summer (please check the Events page for details) and will be available on iTunes and CDBaby very soon.

Jesse, Greg, and I are looking forward to playing the Mariposa Festival, July 4-6 in Orillia, ON. Then home to the Taste of SK Festival in Saskatoon on July 15th. On July 26th we'll head to the hometown of the one and only, Jesse Brown, for a concert in Albertville, SK. More exciting news to come. Meanwhile, enjoy the World Cup, have a great summer, and we'll be in touch.

Also, the web site is undergoing some big changes, so thanks for your patience. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks so much for your suppport! xo 

Mr. Wonderful
Thanks to everyone who came out to the shows in recent weeks. We certainly felt the love, especially at the Refinery with the awesome conga line (even Mr. Phillips!) -- and my inbox has been flooded with notes for Mr. Bean. (Please don’t encourage him.) Big hugs to those in Edmonton who braved the snowstorm and treacherous roads for some soft and sensitive ballads! We love you!

Sincere thanks to Dean McNeill for the encouragement, the invitation, and direction, Allan Gilliland for the fantastic arrangements, and the talented members of the University of Saskatchewan Jazz Ensemble for sharing your stage and playing my songs. You all rock majestically, and I am so grateful.

And thanks to YOU, for all the gentle prodding (and, occasionally, very direct instructions LOL) to get back into the studio. Your support and notes of encouragement are very much appreciated, and I’m happy to report we’ve been working on a new project, with a new CD scheduled for release in late Spring. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Big congratulations to Mr. Wonderful himself, Jesse Brown, who has his own Christmas CD, December, hot off the press! He’ll be playing at the Jazz Bassment on Dec. 22, 4 - 7pm. I’ll be heckling from the front row.

Wishing you and your family a peaceful, happy Christmas. xoLav

North, South, East, and West!
November is gearing up to be one of the busiest months this year! I’m off to Borden next weekend for a show and to reconnect with my good friend and fabulous musician, Kimbal Siebert. Heading south to Eastend, SK, to help celebrate the launch of Sean Virgo’s new book, Dibidalen.  

Our annual November Night of Songs and Shenanigans and Special Guests is on Nov 9 at the Refinery in Saskatoon. Then the Trio heads to Edmonton to serenade at the Blue Chair Cafe on the 10th. Good times!

On the 24th,  it will be my pleasure to be a guest performer with the U of S Jazz Ensemble, led by Dean McNeill, singing a couple of my tunes arranged for big band! (Thanks to Allan Gilliland for the awesome arrangements!)

Click on “Events” for concert details and ticket information. Thanks for your support!

Big Band and Bonding!
What a summer! On Aug 4th, I played at Farmfest in Willowbunch, SK with a great line-up of fabulous musicians, featuring the Campagne Family, Connie Kaldor, Heather Bishop, Bill Gossage, Davy Gallant, and many more.

Immediately following the festival, I headed to U of S Kenderding Campus for a week-long, Jazz Composers’ Retreat. I am humbled by the many talented people I met there, who generously shared their ideas about composing and their passion for music. Thanks to Dean McNeill and Allan Gilliland (who composed in record time!), I sang with a Big Band for the first time ever! Amazing experience! Much more must be said about this in the LavLetters Blog, but a big shout out to all my new friends. xo

Fall kicks off with an exciting concert at the Bassment in Saskatoon. I am very pleased to be sharing the stage with Dean McTaggart, Kim Fontaine, and Greg Hargarten for a Songwriters’ Circle, Sunday, Sept. 9th, 8pm. Ticket info on the events page. It’s a busy time, but I hope you can make it out.

I hope you had time to put your feet up this summer. Thanks for checking in, and for supporting live music.

From this Moment CD

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Ground Beneath My Feet

Dancing with Angels

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